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Short Notice - No Problem

We deliver overflight and landing permits in the shortest time frame possible. Often within hours the permit is in your hand.



We have been delivering flight permits for years and our excellent relations with the Civil Aviation Authorities allow us to reliably secure all permits


Easy Payment

Especially in Southeast Asia, payments can be tedious. Not with us: We offer you a wide range of options: Bank transfer, Credit cards, PayPal, AvCard, etc.


Lowest Rates

Why pay more for your permits than you need to? We secure permits at the lowest prices. And the more you fly the cheaper it gets.

Good To Know

Lead Times:
For overflight permits, usually three business days notice is required, for landing permits it is five. However, in many cases we are able to obtain the permit much faster. If you are not sure about your schedule, contact us.
For overflight permits we need the following information: aircraft operator name, registration, aircraft type, purpose of flight, schedule, no. of crew and billing address.
For landing, we also need scans of the following documents: air operator certificate, certificate of airworthiness, certificate of registration, insurance statement, aircraft noise certificate, crew and pax passport bio pages.
Flight permits in the above countries are valid for 72h (Thailand 24h) after the initial schedule. If your schedule changes and the new ETD is earlier than before, we can revalidate your permit for you.
After Hours:
Some airports do not operate 24 hours a day, however we can request after hours operations for your flight in most cases.
If you want to fly to a location that is not an AOE (airport of entry) we can set up CIQ for your crew and passengers by transferring immigration officers from a nearby station.
Slots / PPR:
Some airports require slot coordination due to the volume of traffic. We are happy to assist you with the slot arrangements and can recommend you off-peak hours.

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