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Aircraft Servicing

We make sure all required and requested Ground Service Equipment is available and standing by when your aircraft needs it


Passenger & Crew

We coordinate the fastest and most convenient de-boarding procedures, expedite passport stamping and escort passengers and crew to their ground transportation.


Cargo and Baggage

All Equipment needed to safely and swiftly offload all baggage and cargo is standing by. Baggage count is being tracked by our supervisor to avoid anything left behind.


On Time Performance

All services are rendered in a well coordinated fashion so as to ensure safety, convenience and a punctual departure.

Indochina Aviation Centre provides comprehensive aircraft handling services at all airports in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.

We work with the local airport authorities and/or airport operators and provide excellent services to our customers using the local staff available from our partners at each station and combine it with our highly experienced supervisor teams.

We have an operational presence at the following airports (our own supervisors on ground):
Cambodia: Phnom Penh (VDPP), Siem Reap (VDSR), Sihanoukville (VDSV)
Laos: Vientiane (VLVT), Luang Prabang (VLLB), Pakse (VLPS), Savannaketh (VLSK)
Myanmar: Yangon (VYYY), Mandalay (VYMD), Naypyitaw (VYNT), Bagan (VYBG), Heho (VYHH), Sittwe (VYSW)
Thailand: Bangkok Suvarnabhumi (VTBS), Bangkok Don Mueang (VTBD), U-Taphao Rayon (VTBU), Chiang Mai (VTCC), Chiang Rai (VTCT), Surat Thani (VTSB), Krabi (VTSG), Phuket (VTSP), Had Yai (VTSS), Samui (VTSM)
Vietnam: Cat Bi (VVCI), Cam Ranh (VVCR), Can Tho (VVCT), Da Nang (VVDN), Hanoi (VVNB), Phu Bai (VVPB), Phu Quoc (VVPQ), Ho Chi Minh City (VVTS), Vinh (VHHH)

For operations to other airports we dispatch our supervisors in advance to prepare and execute the flight with the same attention to details as in our main stations.

All services in Myanmar are provided by our sister company Myanmar Aviation Centre.

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